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Pork is a magnificently versatile meat. It is perfect for BBQs and simple, quick steak recipes. Also excellent for stir fries, meatballs, kebabs, tortillas - even spaghetti bolognaise.

Our pork is all locally produced. The pigs weigh around 45kg with a 3mm fat cover. They are specially fed to produce firm flesh.

Pork loin chops from West Hobart Gourmet Meats

Pork loin chops ...

Sweet, extremely tender and packed with flavour. These are the pork equivalent of loin of lamb.

Easily and quickly prepared, these make a delicious choice for a busy weeknight meal.

Smoked ham from West Hobart Gourmet Meats

Home smoked leg ham ...

I was taught to cook hams by a German master smallgoods man whose son was my apprentice years ago. So these are the “real McCoy”.

The smoking process is a 10-day operation (unlike the 7-day turn-around from other producers).

We can single-, double- or triple-smoke your ham to order, in Beechwood or Hickory and Apple. The cooking takes 16 hours at a very low temperature to ensure moistness without weight loss.

We have never had finer ingredients - your products are simply the best.

~ Leo Schofield, Writer and Food Critic
Dec 2010 (see full text »)

Customer feedback:

On December 4th, I organised a Christmas musical soirée for thirty guests at Dysart House. John Wilson, whose catering business John & Peter is generally regarded as the finest in Australia, flew down to create the buffet.

Both he and I agree that we have never had finer ingredients, including eight fresh chickens and the best-ever ham from West Hobart Gourmet Meats. Your products are simply the best.

~ Leo Schofield

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