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National Sausage King for 2011 and 2013

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We have been supplying premium quality Tasmanian meat in Hobart since 1982. We pride ourselves on our customer focus.

Our customers can be assured that when they buy meat from West Hobart Gourmet Meats that they are buying free-range Tasmanian meat and poultry products, chemical-free and preservative-free.

We have never had finer ingredients - your products are simply the best.

~ Leo Schofield, Writer and Food Critic
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Customer feedback:

On December 4th, I organised a Christmas musical soirée for thirty guests at Dysart House. John Wilson, whose catering business John & Peter is generally regarded as the finest in Australia, flew down to create the buffet.

Both he and I agree that we have never had finer ingredients, including eight fresh chickens and the best-ever ham from West Hobart Gourmet Meats. Your products are simply the best.

~ Leo Schofield

Shane Mundy receiving the Australian Sausage King award in 2013

It’s official ... we have the best gourmet sausages in Australia!

At the 2013 National Sausage King awards held in Perth in February, our Worcestershire and Cracked Pepper sausage won GOLD for the “Best Gourmet Sausage in Australia”. This is our second national crown, our Pork sausages having won first place in the 2011 awards.

We are proud to have received such recognition from meat industry professionals for the quality of our products.

“... a butcher of distinction”
~ Teresa Banks

“I travel from Bellerive to buy your meat!”
~ Deb Harwood
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Customer feedback:

Thank you Shane! I called up to buy some meat (and collect my 10% discount card) last week, and thought I should try some of the ‘manzo e pomodoro’ sausages, so bought a kg with the rest of my supplies. My husband was going away fishing for a few days with a couple of his friends so I donated some to the cause, and he SMS’d me later that night to say that they were absolutely delicious!

On that basis, I cooked one the next morning for my breakfast, and wholeheartedly agree. It was flavoursome, cut beautifully, and what’s more, there was no popping or spitting as it was cooking, as others bought elsewhere often do. In terms of flavour it stands alone - you need absolutely NOTHING with it, except maybe an egg ...

Congratulations on this sausage creation Shane!! Along with tomato salsa burgers and rib eye steak, they are bound to be another West Hobart Gourmet Meats favourite for our family.

On the subject of friendly local butchers, as long as they exist, I will continue to support them. Not that you are local to my area though - I travel from Bellerive to buy your meat!! I am constantly dissuading friends and colleagues from purchasing meat from the supermarket, and know that once they make the change to the butcher, they don’t look back.

~ Deb Harwood

“You have won my loyalty!”
~ Janine Brookes
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Customer feedback:

Hi Shane!

Whole hearted agreement with Deb re local butchers ...

I also don’t live locally but travel to you from Dynnyrne. As a green grocer’s daughter I have always supported small business and have shopped at other local butchers such as Green’s, Vermeys and South Hobart. You have won my loyalty for a few reasons, firstly excellent meat then good prices, great customer service, the loyalty card, weekly specials for we ‘special’ customers and great business savvy ... well done.

~ Janine

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